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Whimsical Summer: Cat Ears & Daisies











Mika + Gala kimono, Sugarlips Dress, Kiwi Tucker crop top, Vintage heels, Bag from Argentina
Sometimes you can’t take fashion too seriously. I wore this quirky outfit yesterday, attracting a few stares on the street with the cat ear headband. I played up the whimsical vibe with a sweet daisy-print dress and watercolor kimono. Perfect for a carefree summer day!
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3 responses to “Whimsical Summer: Cat Ears & Daisies”

  1. I am sure people were not only looking at your ears, but also admiring your beauty. This is my fav outfit of yours..
    Gorgeous kimono
    Keep in touch

  2. Que graciosa la diadema!

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