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Leather Cardigan







AIET leather cardigan, Madewell tee (here), Seychelles boots, Orchirly bag, Vintage necklace and earrings
I’ve had this beautiful faux leather piece for almost a year now, but somehow it’s never made it onto the blog. Well, better late than never! I found this unique leather cardigan-jacket piece in Asia, which I think might be the only place that would actually produce something like this. What I’ve noticed about Asian fashion (solely through my shopping trips when I go back to Asia every year) is that the pieces that are in stores are often way more unique than what you find in the US. However, it’s a fine line between something unique in the sense that I would never be caught dead in that, and something unique in the OMG I need it now moment. It’s basically a hit or miss.
This piece was definitely a hit! I paired it with a simple burgundy T-shirt and dark orange skirt for a fall vibe, and finished the look with a classic checkered bag (another great find from Asia).
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