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My Wardrobe Staples




I’m wearing a few of my wardrobe staples in this outfit: my beloved vintage leather jacket, the jumpsuit that goes with everything, and the most comfortable pair of leather loafers. To help my favorite staples stay in good condition, there are a few easy things I do to care for them. And if you want more tips, I’ve included a full #SaveYourStaples guide from ThirdLove, a new lingerie company that promises the best fitting bras for your body. You can even try them for free before buying, check it out here. They have also provided a promo code of STAPLES for 15% off your entire order until the end of 2016!


Leather ages well and I love the worn-in look of my leather jacket . But to preserve the leather, I try to avoid wearing my jacket on rainy days, and if I do get water stains on it, I let it dry naturally. Once dried, I used a leather conditioner to prevent the leather from drying and cracking. Coach makes a great moisturizer that can be used for everything from leather clothing to bags to shoes.



For my jumpsuit, I make sure to wash it in only the most gentle detergent to preserve the color, softness, and fit. I used Woolite Gentle Cycle detergent, which prevents color from fading and keeps my jumpsuit looking like new. Additionally, I always let the piece air-dry rather than machine dry.


Lastly, for my favorite red loafers, I use Apple leather cleaner to remove spots and stains, and then use the Coach conditioner again to moisturize the leather and maintain the luster and shine.




For more tips, see the full guide below to help save some of your favorite wardrobe pieces.



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