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Weekday Wardrobe: Keeping Cool with Floral, Lace and Denim

LayersofChic-Floral-Dress-Lace-Layering LayersofChic-Pool-Inspired-Colors-Outfit LayersofChic-Vintage-Denim-Dress LayersofChic-Off-the-Shoulder-Flirty

Happy Friday everyone! These past two weeks were all about keeping it cool and classy during the heat. I got creative with layering my dresses, putting a sleeveless dress over a lace blouse, and wearing a cute bralet underneath a low-neck denim dress. Pro tip: I’m a big fan of layering as it extends the wearability of more skin-baring dresses and allows you to wear them to work.
Asides from dresses, I also played with prints and shapes, including a fun printed tank top paired with simple white jeans, and of course an off-the-shoulder top paired with a flared skirt. Overall, I kept the colors light and the shapes easy breezy.
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  1. Love the pool inspired one, the top is so cute! Xx

  2. Mary Gui says:

    thank you Izabela!

  3. Mary Gui says:

    thank you! i love that one too 🙂

  4. Mary Gui says:

    thank you Alisha!

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