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Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Happy Friday everyone! As the holidays are approaching, I know we’ve all got gifting on our mind. When it comes to gifts, I always want to find something unique and special that not everyone else has, but still affordable and under $100. It’s important to me that the piece I give speaks to the recipient’s personality. One website that has unique and artisanal gifts is UncommonGoods. I’m super impressed by the amount of high-quality products they have that are cute and functional at the same time. All the products on the site are also handmade, recycled, and organic, so they are all sustainable and environmentally friendly!  UncommonGoods seriously has something for everyone, so today I’ll be sharing some of my top picks for gift ideas for your BFF, Mom, and the man in your life (whether that’s your significant other, Dad, etc).

Unique Gift Ideas for Your BFF

For your BFF, Uncommongoods has just the cutest selection of items! Here are top picks, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, they have tons of more cute stuff for women.

Owl Eyeglasses Holder ($24): For your needy chic friend who always misplaces her glasses before bed.
Pedestal Jewelry Holder ($48): For the girly-girl who has too much jewelry (me!).
Literary Candles ($16): For the friend who loves cuddling up with a good book and scented candles.
Donut Warming Mug ($14.95): Seriously how genius is this?! Have a donut and coffee at the same time. I totally need one!
Merlot Infused Coffee ($19.95): When you can’t decide between alcohol or coffee, the answer is both!
Crimson Heart Umbrella ($38): So this is my absolute favorite item. For the city girl who has to walk in the rain, a heart umbrella is the way to go.

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Uncommongoods has a great selection of cozy gifts for Mom that will for sure make her life a little easier and make her feel pampered and loved.

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board ($48): For the Mom who loves to host in style.
Chakra Bath Salts ($22): Luxurious bath salts with shea butter for finding inner peace.
Fresh Farm Spa Experience Tin ($32): Perfect for that farm to spa experience.
Matcha Green Tea Set ($69): For the matcha lover, give her a make-your-own matcha set.
Butter Churner ($30): If your Mom is her own Martha Stewart, this is the perfect gift for her.
Sooth the Soul Yogi Candles ($38): Pamper her with calming scented soy candles.

Unique Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

For the man in your life, whether that’s your significant other, Dad, or brother, Uncommongoods offers a variety of cool and tasteful gifts for men.

Men’s Organizing Travel 4-Pack ($46): This something my boyfriend would love. With the holidays coming up and potential travel, this is the perfect gift for the stylish man who wants to keep his essentials organized.
All Natural Shoe Care Kit ($55): For the business man with fancy shoes.
Working Man’s Hygiene Kit ($50): Best for the significant other, doesn’t everyone want their man fresh and clean? 🙂
On the Rocks Set ($34): For your classy Dad who appreciates a good glass of scotch with cigars.
HTML Beer Glasses ($25): A perfect gift for the nerdy yet cute guy in everyone’s life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gift guide, and be sure to check out more unique gift ideas from UncommonGoods if you don’t see what you’re looking for in this post. Stay tuned next week for a Gift Guide part II featuring fashion & beauty items for the stylish individual!

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*This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods. As always, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. uncommon goods is the best. that cheese platter is cute! I think I need to send my husband this and push him towards the bath salts! Those sound great!

  2. Laura Rike says:

    These are amazing gift ideas! I’ll also add some of these to my wishlist! 🙂

  3. Christina Beauchamp says:

    I LOVEEE that heart umbrella! Just darling and the perfect bestie gift!


    Christina | Fashion & Frills

  4. Dahlia says:

    This is such a great guide! I have never seen literary candles but now I want ten of them haha

  5. I love these unique ideas!! They’re all so cute!

    Evin Elizabeth

  6. Great ideas! Absolutely want that donut warming cup and on the rocks set!


  7. These are so great! SO many unique ideas. I am publishing a list on Monday. It makes me want to procure a little more for original content.

  8. Mytha says:

    The literary candles are such a neat gift idea. So many great ideas, love it!

  9. Gail says:

    These gift ideas are amazing and so incredibly unique! Merlot infused coffee? Sold! And I love that heart shaped umbrella. Okay, I want everything! Love this!

  10. I love uncommon goods! I shop there for almost every holiday that it’s almost becoming too common…

  11. The gift ideas for mom are great. Great ideas here.

  12. Mytha says:

    I love how unique the gift ideas are! Great list!

  13. I love the matcha kit and the heart umbrella! But everything is oh so chic – such a lovely gift guide! xo 🙂

  14. Angelle Marix says:

    All of these unique gift ideas look AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing all of these fabulous products with us ❤️


  15. Liz says:

    Oh these are too cute!! I especially love that heart umbrella!


  16. savannah says:

    These are great gift ideas, I love Uncommon Goods! That heart umbrella is the best and I neeeeed that matcha kit hehe


  17. Love these gift ideas! They’re so out-of-the-box and very unique. Love that its playful but still functional.

    Style by Pear

  18. I love all of these gift ideas!!