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How to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles: Bedtime with VIIcode

layersofchic how to get rid of dark eye circles VIIcode oxygen eye mask

As someone who occasionally struggles with insomnia, the next morning I always end up with dark eye circles under my eyes. I’ve tried various face masks and eye masks that attempt to correct the problem, but the issue I find with these masks is that I don’t have time in the morning to put on an eye mask and wait 20 minutes before heading out the door. So when I was asked to try out VIIcode’s 8-hour overnight eye mask, I was intrigued by the concept and thought it was a clever good idea. Why not be productive while you’re sleeping right?!

layersofchic how to get rid of dark eye circles VIIcode eye masklayersofchic how to get rid of dark eye circles VIIcode eye mask

How to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles with the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask

The VIIcode oxygen eye mask is pretty easy to use. Unlike other eye masks, it is meant to be put on at bedtime and left on for 8 hours overnight. The eye mask comes with two gel-like eye pads that should be placed under your eyes. The gel material has a cooling and soothing effect. I used the mask twice a week, but you can also use it up to 3 times a week according to the instructions. I found that twice was a good for me and left my eyes feeling refreshed in the morning. I definitely did see a difference in the area under my eyes upon waking up. The area looked much lighter and brighter, and the dark circles minimized. Each box comes with 6 uses, and for a full treatment cycle it is recommended to get 3 boxes.

layersofchic how to get rid of dark eye circles VIIcode beauty bloggerlayersofchic how to get rid of dark eye circles VIIcode overnight eye masklayersofchic how to get rid of dark eye circles VIIcode 8hr eye mask

So you must be wondering what’s the catch with this seemingly magical product right? Well, for┬ásomeone who has sensitive skin and am hyperaware of when there’s stuff on my face, I did have to get used to the feeling of pads under my eyes. I usually put the eye pads on half an hour before bed and do some reading to adjust to the sensation. It’s also on the pricier side at $58/box. This equates to $9.60 per mask, which compared to sheet masks is definitely more expensive. But if you struggle with dark eye circles and like me don’t have time in the morning to fix them, this overnight eye mask is a great solution that is effective and time-saving. And everyone knows time is money! So for me it is worth it to be able to save time and wake up looking fabulous.

layersofchic how to get rid of dark eye circles VIIcode bedtime routine

You can get the mask on the VIIcode website or on Amazon here.

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*This post is in collaboration with VIIcode. As always, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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29 responses to “How to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles: Bedtime with VIIcode”

  1. There are so many times I wake up and have the worst circles under my eyes! I need to try something like this!

  2. Gail says:

    I don’t usually get dark circles but I do get puffy eyes. Do they help with that? Thanks for the review! Xx

    • says:

      yes they do as well! my main issue is dark circles so that’s what I was focused on, but they definitely depuff to!

  3. April says:

    I am chronically sleep deprived and I need something to help my tired eyes. I need to try this!

  4. Hannah says:

    Oh I definitely need to try these! I hate having dark circles under my eyes and sometimes when I wake up my eyes are a little bit puffy.

    xoxo, Hannah

  5. Brooke says:

    I often have dark circles under my eyes. I need to try this!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  6. Allison says:

    I need to try these! With a one year old I have dark circles all the time!

  7. Lindsey says:

    I suffer with major dark circles nder my eyes fromlack of sleep and a busy life, i’ve heard about these great eye patches and live for them. These are a tad pricer than others, but if they are as good as they seem, im hoping they are worth it when I got to purchase.

  8. Lisa Autumn says:

    OKAY I totally need this on my life! I always have dark circles even if I had the best sleep ever and drank loads of water..

    xx Lisa

  9. Liz says:

    These look amazing!! I definitely need to try something like this. Happy Monday!


  10. Tessa says:

    I need to get these! I have the worst dark circles and need a cure asap!

    xx, Tessa

  11. kristina says:

    Looks like an amazing product! I’ve also read a bit about vitamin K cream for under eyes , any exprience?

  12. Love these photos and this product! Sometimes concealer just doesn’t cut it!

  13. These look amazing, I totally need them

  14. Meghan says:

    I need this mask in my life ASAP!! I feel with age the only thing that’s making me look older is my under eye!

    Meghan |

  15. I struggle with dark circles so much so I definitely want to try this! I wish they weren’t so pricey! But, I do love the idea of wearing them overnight.

  16. Oh, ugh, I’ve had THE WORST eye bags since I was little. Born with them. I’ve tried everything from the lipstick cover-up method to a 30-minute itchy coffee ground mask, tea bags, turmeric, creams, ice, 14 hours of sleep. I’ve been wanting to try these, and I definitely will, but I think I might just be cursed with dark bags forever!

  17. Logan says:

    I have the worst dark eye circles. Especially since having kids. I will definitely check these out!

  18. This sounds like a fab undereye mask. I definitely stay up too late sometimes doing work, and such. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Jessica says:

    So glad to have come across this post! I have been looking for eye pads to wear on a six hour flight so I can arrive looking alive and not like a zombie lol and these sound perfect!

  20. Yas thanks girlie! looks like a nice product will check it out.

    Courtney Bentley ||

  21. Amanda Kruse says:

    Luckily I don’t get dark circles, but it’s good to know that this works!

    Amanda ||

  22. Brittany N says:

    This product sounds amazing! I always wake up with tired and puffy eyes cause I like to sleep with the window open and my allergies are crazy this time of year! Might have to try these out!

  23. I have got to give these a try. I do see a lot of teasing from my boyfriend happening though!

  24. Sharon Wu says:

    wonderful tips! i have bad dark circles naturally even if i get enough sleep… so i will need to give this product a shot! thanks for sharing xo, sharon

  25. Lauren says:

    I have major dark circles! I’m definitely going to consider purchasing this product ­čÖé


  26. Ruthie says:

    I need this in my life! Brilliant!

  27. Jen Lee says:

    Oh man – time totally IS money. I will think about buying these – I feel like i’ve had dark circles since I was 10 years old -_- thanks for keeping it real in this post!

  28. I definitely need to try this! I have the worst under-eye circles. Thanks for sharing!

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