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Winter to Spring Chevron Dress: Carrie Bradshaw Outfits Series

layersofchic winter to spring chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits fashion blog

You know what day it is! Every other Friday is the Carrie Bradshaw outfits series, where I’m recreating Carrie’s looks one by one for the modern day woman. Today’s outfit is inspired by the annoyingly tricky transitional Winter to Spring weather. In New York, it can be freezing in the morning but sunny by mid-day, so what’s a girl to do? Layering up is the only solution, so I thought it would be fun to recreate Carrie’s Winter look for transitioning into Spring instead.

layersofchic winter to spring chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits series

Carrie Bradshaw’s Chevron Dress & Navy Coat: Key Elements

  • The Chevron Dress: The obvious key piece in this outfit is the chevron dress. As you can see it does not have to look exactly like Carrie’s dress, but it should have a chevron print and ideally be a knit material. A sleeveless sweater dress is a great piece for transitioning from Winter to Spring as you can layer a coat over it for cooler weather, and wear on its own for warmer days. I actually got my chevron dress on ThredUP, a second-hand online clothing store with a range of designers from Zara to Marc Jacobs. So think outside the box if you’re searching for a chevron dress, since it is an older print and currently not “on-trend.”
  • The Navy Coat: While Carrie is wearing a classic structured navy coat, I went with a more fun version in cobalt blue complete with a fur collar. Any navy or black peacoat will do to complete this look.
  • Ankle Boots & Socks: I was so happy to see Carrie wearing one of my favorite combinations, boots and socks. As I don’t own white boots (I know, shocking right?!), I chose pointy black ankle boots with cut-outs so that I could play up the socks. I paired my boots with sheer pink socks to add a feminine touch.
  • All the Winter Accessories: The final touch to Carrie’s outfit is her slew of winter accessories, from her gloves to hat to scarf. So I went with a similar route but chose accessories in a lighter material that is more appropriate for the transitional weather. My accessories are a light knit beanie, purple scarf, and pink gloves (also from ThredUP). This is probably the easiest part to nail because everyone has a hat, scarf, and gloves, so just choose your favorite ones and you should be good to go!

layersofchic winter to spring B&W chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits layersofchic winter to spring chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits navy coatlayersofchic winter to spring chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits style blog

How pretty is this chevron dress on its own? It fits like a glove and hugs in all the right places. It’s by Autumn Cashmere and I swear it seemed like new when I got it from ThredUP. I kept the rest of my outfit simple with a black shoulder bag and a diamond necklace. Sometimes you just need a little bit of sparkle to complete a look.

layersofchic winter to spring chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits fur collar coatlayersofchic winter to spring chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits thredUPlayersofchic winter to spring chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits blogger portrait

So the last thing I want to share with you guys is that getting these photos were quite the struggle. I actually took these photos by myself with a tripod and remote control, which that part is fine as I’ve done it before and it’s not so hard once you’re had some practice. However, as I was shooting in the middle of South Street Seaport, a security guard came up to me and told me that I am not allowed to shoot with a tripod. Naturally I asked him if people are allowed to take photos here, and he said yes, just not with a tripod. I completely did not understand this and it actually infuriated me. Of course I would prefer to have someone taking my photos, but sometimes I can’t find anyone to shoot for me and I don’t want to have to pay for a photographer all the time. So I took matters into my own hands, and apparently NYC law does not like that. Yup, it’s apparently a NYC law that you cannot shoot with a tripod without a permit. As if life couldn’t get any harder as a blogger right?! Needless to say it was quite a frustrating experience, what are you daily frustrations as a blogger? Let me know in the comments below!

layersofchic winter to spring chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits diamond necklace layersofchic winter to spring chevron dress carrie bradshaw outfits blogger style

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What I’m Wearing:
Coat: Dezzal
Dress: ThredUP (similar here)
Boots: & Other Stories (similar here)
Bag: Zaful here)
Socks: COS (similar here)
Hat: Vintage (similar here)
Scarf: French Connection (old)

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23 responses to “Winter to Spring Chevron Dress: Carrie Bradshaw Outfits Series”

  1. Emily Soto says:

    I love this outfit and such a fun series! You look fabulous!

  2. Shruthi Rajashekar says:

    Wow! You really did a great job of pulling off a similar outfit with your own flair! Love the coat especially.

  3. Abigail says:

    I love Carrie Bradshaw so you know I had to click when I saw that!!! Gorgeous outfits!! Fab post

  4. Love this! Perfect outfit for the season transition! 🙂
    I made sure to pin it to my Outfit Inspiration board!

    Sincerely Miss J

  5. Jenna says:

    What a great look a like outfit! So sorry to hear about your photo issues. The blogger struggle is real for sure!

    Cheers, J

  6. Samantha says:

    This fur is so fabulous! Great job styling this look, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. I LOVE this look! you look super fab in it! I need those shoes!

  8. Shannon says:

    ok I need that coat seriously right away. love that jewel tones blue! x Shannon

  9. Danielle says:

    #1. You look fabulous. I have the same problem with the weather here in MI
    #2. That tripod law is crazy! I woulda been super annoyed.

  10. Liz says:

    This outfit is SO cute!! I absolutely love that coat!


  11. Malissa says:

    Omg I love SATC and Carrie!! ? this is such a fun idea. Also that dress is way cute. Something I would definitely wear! Great post!

  12. Taylor says:

    These photos are stunning! I absolutely love your photo juxtaposed with Carrie Bradshaw’s, amazing! Thanks for an awesome post!

    xo Taylor (

  13. Amy says:

    This series is genius! I love how you recreated this look!


  14. It is a perfect match! You are quite incredible — you look amazing and I love this outfit creation!
    xo | Debbie |

  15. Nicole Fuentes says:

    I’m obsessed with Autumn Cashmere! I own a couple sweaters and they are amazing. I love that you are doing these series, your style is right up Carrie’s alley.
    xx, Nicole

  16. What a fun series. I still love SATC. The fashion was often a little crazy but still so fun.

  17. wow, all pics amazing clicks. Love it!

  18. Kelsey says:

    You look absolutely perfect!! Definitely giving me Carrie Bradshaw vibes!!

    xo Kelsey |

  19. That dress looks gorgeous on you!

  20. Such a great outfit, you look great!

  21. I am also a huge fan of Sex and the City! Every year I go to NYC to visit friends and I always pack my luggage with “Carrie” worthy outfits 😉

    Gennifer Rose |

  22. I remember this episode like it was yesterday – loved it and I think you def. nailed it!!


  23. such a cute outfits, looks nice on you!

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