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Beauty Essentials and Tips for a Relaxing Bath

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Ever since moving into my new apartment and finally having a nice bathtub, taking long and relaxing baths has become one of my favorite ways to pamper myself. There’s something so indulgent and soothing about sliding into a hot bath and letting all your cares and worries slide away with the water. As I’ve been taking quite a lot of baths lately, I wanted to share my beauty essentials and tips for taking a successful bath. There is definitely a science to setting up a good bath. First, make sure that the temperature of the water is hot but not burning hot. I like my baths hot to get that wonderful sensation when you’re first going in. I typically drop a bath bomb into the running water when it’s about halfway full, so that there’s time for it to fully absorb into the water. If I’m feeling fancy, I surround the bathtub with small scented candles for a spa like feel.

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As I like to decompress away from technology when I’m taking a bath, I use the time to get my face mask game on. Before I apply any masks, I make sure to remove any makeup or dirt from the day with the L’occitane Peony Petal Cleansing Oil. This oil smells amazing and contains real peony petals from Provence, so it doesn’t get any better than that. After cleansing, I apply the Peony Purifying Minute Mask from L’occitane, and I have to say it does wonders for my skin. The mask works to target shine and tighten pores in just 3 minutes, and contains peony extracts that leaves skin smooth and radiant. My face definitely looks brighter after taking off this mask.

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As I typically take baths before bedtime, I take advantage and apply a second overnight mask while I’m still in the bath. I really like the Peony Overnight Perfecting Mask from L’occitane as it’s super lightweight and non-oily, which is important to me for an overnight mask. I apply a thin layer over my face and neck, and let it work its magic. I’m a huge fan of overnight masks as I’m all about efficiency and love the idea of working on my skin while I sleep.

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If you have tips for taking a good bath, let me know in the comments below!

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*This post is in collaboration with L’occitane. As always, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Great idea to wear the mask while soaking!

  2. Jana says:

    SO cute! I love a hot bubble bath/spa night at home! Have a good weekend! xo Jana |

  3. Anna English says:

    I love Lโ€™occitane, and this sounds like the perfect way to relax!

  4. Kinsey says:

    Love a relaxing bath! We recently moved and our new house doesn’t have a tub, and we are finally starting renovations in our bathroom to get it back! Yay! The facemask is a great idea! Have a good weekend!


  5. Amanda says:

    These sound amazing! Looks like a relaxing time.

  6. Omg bath time is the best! Tips for the best bath possible would be anything from Lush!!

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  7. Vanessa Moore says:

    Great tips! Baths always kind of gross me out – but I feel like if I shower before I should be good to go!

    Vanessa |

  8. Natalie says:

    Bath time is the best time! These look amazing, Mary!

    xoxo, Natalie

  9. Rosalie says:

    There’s nothing better after a long day than a warm bath! I’ve been super keen to check out some new face masks – thanks for the recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This is just the inspiration I needed to remind myself to start taking more baths!

  11. Caitlin says:

    Bath time is my ME time! Turn on some Lana del Rey, light a candle, and relaxxxxx

  12. roxy says:

    Oh my goodness, now I need a bath and that mask.

  13. Linda Tran says:

    These all sound amazing! I need to look more into these products!


  14. This sounds like my kind of bath!!

  15. This honestly looks like the most incredible bath ever! I love Lโ€™occitane products. :]


  16. ashley says:

    i love their products. they smell so yummy!

  17. Liz says:

    Absolutely love this post! These look amazing!


  18. Lauren says:

    This looks so calming and relaxing!!


  19. Great suggestions! Earlier today I was actually thinking that it has been way too long since I’ve had a nice long bath, and your post has inspired me to make it happen TODAY!

  20. Sara says:

    I haven’t taken a bath in for forever! I need to make time for some relaxation and these bath products sound amazing!

    xo, Sara

  21. Ashley DTKAustin says:

    I seriously take multiple baths a day! I am all about having relaxing me time!

  22. I use baths to help manage some health issues by using essential oils. When I can’t get a bath in I use a foot bath. They both help me relax and help my body detox.
    Also, the robe you are wearing is super cute!


  23. LuxMommy says:

    I love a good relaxing bath!

  24. April says:

    I love L’Occitaine products. This bath looks so relaxing!

  25. Angelle says:

    Love this brand!!! They have so many amazing scents.


  26. So relaxing! I need to try this facial

    – xo, Azanique |

  27. Jessica says:

    These products look really fun, sounds really relaxing. And yes, wearing facial mask while soaking is really a good idea to save time.

    Jessica |

  28. Alex says:

    I love the smell of their products! They’re such high quality.

  29. Baths and candles are my favorites!! Looks like heaven to me!

  30. You look so beautiful! I have yet to try this out! I am excited you like them — I will definitely give this a chance to have skin like yours.

  31. Annie says:

    Just got these products in the mail! Excited to give them a try ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Elena Michelle says:

    this is honestly JUST want I needed to read. less than two weeks out from my wedding, and I need to have some me time and just relax. thanks for sharing!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  33. Lydia Jean says:

    This looks like THE most relaxing bath!! I want to try these products so bad ๐Ÿ˜

  34. Anna Baun says:

    Great tips! This looks so relaxing! I love all of their products! XO


  35. Victoria says:

    love all those little candles! i need a night like this! also a good bathtub to soak in lol


  36. Adaleta says:

    Oh yes this would make for an amazing bath!