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Easy Home Organizing Tips & Decoration Ideas

layersofchic home decoration ideas ladder shelf accessoriesAs you all know by now since I can’t stop talking about it, I moved into a new apartment a month ago and have been on a crazy home decor kick ever since. To help me get situated, I had the pleasure of working with Jamie from Horderly, who is a professional home organizer. That’s right, she came into my apartment and literally changed the way I organize my endless amounts of stuff. Read on to see the organizing tips and decoration ideas that you can implement today, plus they are super easy and affordable!

Living Room: All About That Feng Shui

layersofchic home organizing tips decoration ideas ladder shelf

The first piece I worked on with Jamie is decorating and organizing this ladder shelf I got from Target. I’m pretty much obsessed with the way it turned out, it definitely looks like a shelf that could be in a retail store. I knew I wanted to display some of my bags and shoes, so Jamie suggested that we mix and match the bags and shoes, so we did 2 shoes on 2 different shelves, and 2 handbags on 2 different shelves. A great tip she gave was to style the shelf just like I would with an outfit, rather than putting all shoes on one shelf and all bags on another shelf, which is what I was originally inclined to do. We decided on a fruit theme since it’s Summer and I happen to have these fruit storage boxes, and worked from there to choose the rest of the items on the shelf.
layersofchic home organizing tips books by color

For the books, we arranged them by color coding, which is another thing I never thought of doing. Just like clothes, arranging the books by color makes them look aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, putting the books on the bottom shelf helps keeps things balanced, achieving that feng shui effect.

layersofchic home organizing tips tv stand drawer

Next we worked on an area that needed the most organizing: all my random utilities and tech stuff. Before Jamie came in, I had all of the stuff in different places in the apartment, and could never remember where anything was! Jamie created an organized system utilizing the drawers in my TV stand and created four separate categories: Backup Tech, Utilities, Games & Crafts, and Momentos (pictures, cards etc). She even had a label maker and printer, so we were able to label all the drawers. My miscellaneous items have seriously never been more organized.

layersofchic home organizing tips utility drawerlayersofchic home organizing tips games drawerlayersofchic home organizing tips entryway

Another tip from Jamie is to keep “out the door” essentials close to the door: sunglasses, extra wallets, etc. I have a different handbag almost everyday and am always forgetting stuff, so keeping everything close to the door is a great way to ensure I don’t forget any essentials on my way out.

layersofchic home decoration ideas fake plant plantscape

Lastly, for an easy decoration idea to instantly spruce up your space, consider a fake plant. The one I have is from Plantscape and it looks totally real! It is the perfect size for a living room and is super low maintenance, and really adds depth and vibrancy to the room. Plantscape also offers interior landscape design if you are looking for a more extensive refresh.

Home Office: Functional with a Personal Touch

layersofchic home organizing tips office desk

My home office space is actually one of my favorite areas of the apartment, first and foremost because of the pink walls. I wanted the space to be functional but chic, and the pink walls were the perfect accent for my desk corner. I chose a desk with lots of compartments for easy organization, and Jamie then came in and gave me a bunch of organizing tips that made my daily routine more efficient.

layersofchic home organizing tips file folders desk

For my folders, Jamie suggested a simple file holder to keep everything in place. This keeps the folders upright and easy to access. I also got a business card holder as I’m always meeting new people at events, and never remember where I put anyone’s business cards. We also arranged my notebooks and planners in height order so that they are aesthetically pleasing.

layersofchic home organizing tips desk to-dos box

As a blogger, I constantly have a million To-Do’s and receive a lot of notecards from brands for collaborations. I never had a set place for these cards, so Jamie recommended a “To-Do” box right in front of my computer where I could keep all my active and pending collabs. This has become such a game changer for me as now when I am about to do a post, I can easily access the notecard with the relevant brand information, hashtags, etc.

layersofchic home organizing tips office desk cubbies

I also got two slim white bins to hold my camera and tripod equipment under my desk. The cubbies help give the desk a clean look, rather than having everything out in the open. For the storage area under my desk, I keep additional office supplies in a storage box as well as printer paper, stationery, and check books. The entire system makes sense, and now it is so much easier for me to find everything I need.

layersofchic home organizing tips under desk storagelayersofchic home organizing tips decoration ideas office

Bedroom: A Game Changing Tip for Your Shoes

layersofchic home decoration ideas bed comforter refresh

I previously showed you guys my bedroom in this post, and as you can see the bed looks a little different. An easy way to refresh your home decor is to simply change your duvet cover or comforter. Previously I had a light purple duvet cover, and I recently decided to change it up with an Ibiza inspired comforter from Echo Design. This vibrant print instantly livens up my bedroom, and the cool pastel colors go well with my rose colored headboard. I also refreshed my nightstand by getting a white tray to keep all my lotions contained.

layersofchic home organizing tips nightstandlayersofchic home organizing tips shoes walk-in closet

Lastly, Jamie helped me organize my shoes. I am pretty lucky to have a walk-in closet with a lot space for shoes, but previously I was having trouble finding where I put each pair as I didn’t have a set system. Some of my nicer shoes are in their original boxes, and I never knew which pair was in which box. Jamie had a very easy solution to this conundrum: simply label the boxes! Now I can see all of shoes and know exactly which pair is in which box.

layersofchic home organizing tips labeled shoe boxes

Now are you guys ready for the game-changer tip (I left the best for last)?! Before Jamie came, I had two rows of shoes on each shelf, meaning I could not see the second row. Well, apparently if you put a pair of shoes with 1 shoe behind the other, this takes up the depth of the shelf while freeing up space horizontally, allowing you to display all the shoes horizontal so they are all visible. This tip seriously blew my mind as I never would have thought of displaying shoes that way, and now I can see all my shoes at a glance with no issues!

layersofchic home organizing tips shoe closet

I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy organizing tips and decoration ideas! You may not think it, but it really makes a big difference in your daily life to have things organized and easily accessible. If you would like to book a session with Jamie, feel free to check out her website and/or Instagram. I promise, she will change your life!

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*This post is in collaboration with Horderly, Plantscape, and Echo Design.  As always, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Great and easy organizing tips here! I love the shoe box labelling… what an awesome and simple idea!

  2. Marie says:

    This post was so helpful. I am about to move into a small apartment in Washington DC and will definitely be using these tips to make the place more organized

  3. Josephine Fan says:

    AHHH Love it! I actually never thought about arranging books by color (always size) but this way is so much more adorable. So glad you’re having fun.

  4. Fredrick says:

    This is so insightful. I didn’t even know what a professional organizer was until I read this. Wow I think everyone needs a horderly. Even for a consultation, since I’m in Vegas, I would pay hundreds just to speak with her. Wow. Thanks again for posting.

  5. Fred says:

    Wow. I am blown away. I didn’t even know a professional organizer was a thing. I am going to contact horderly to see if they can do consultations in Vermont! Thanks Mary!!

  6. I love all those tips esp the feng shui ones! I need to put these tips to use in my own home!

  7. Liz says:

    Your apartment is so cute! I’ve been on a home decor/organizing kick too and these ideas are so perfect! I have a shelf just like your white one, but could never figure out how to decorate it. Also love the shoe box idea!


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    Love how things on your shelves are color coordinated too. That’s such an eye-pleaser and adds to the look of being organized.

  11. Kanani B. says:

    Keeping things organized is not an easy task. I love how you made everything easy on the eyes. Since I have more shoes than necessary I’m going to use the suggestion you mentioned about shoes.

  12. So many good books! I love looking at other peoples collections!

  13. roxy says:

    Great ideas all around! My boyfriend and I live in a pretty decently-sized 2 BR for NYC, but our 2nd bedroom is very small and we only have three very small closets. It’s a challenge to keep our stuff to a minimum and contained. So many good tips here!

  14. Lindsey says:

    I love all the cute details! I want a ladder shelf like that!


  15. Lindsay says:

    I definitely need to be better about organizing, so I’m loving these tips!

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    Your space looks great! I love keeping myself organized

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    These are some really interesting insights. Really a good read. Thanks for these tips!

    Jessica |

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