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Flawless Skin: The Swiss Skincare Brand to Try Today

LayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare body mist Instytutumlayersofchic flawless skin swiss skincare Instytutum blog review

The Winter months are absolutely the worst when it comes to my skin. My face, hands, and legs get especially dry to the point of flakiness, and going from the freezing temperatures outside to the blasting heat indoors certainly doesn’t help. So I’m so happy to have discovered Instytutum, a Swiss skincare brand that seriously works and is now my go-to for moisturized, glowing flawless skin. I was introduced to the brand through a press lunch at the Bryant Park Grill, where I got to try out the products and was intrigued by the texture and ingredients. Of course I’ll admit that it’s impossible to achieve truly flawless skin as there are always small imperfections, but in the past few weeks using Instytutum, I’ve come as close to flawless skin as I’ve ever been. Read on for my favorite products and skincare regimen.

LayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare body mist beauty blog

Perhaps my favorite Instytutum product is the Body Rain, which is a body mist that works just like a body lotion, but so much easier to apply. I’m one of those super lazy people who doesn’t want to take 5 minutes to apply body lotion and deal with sticky hands afterwards, so this body mist is seriously a dream come true for me. The mist is lightweight and absorbs quickly, and provides the skin with an instant sense of refreshment and moisture. It makes my skin feel super smooth, and there’s no stickiness anywhere!

LayersofChic Flawless Skin Routine Swiss SkincareLayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare instytutum exfoliate product

Next up are Instytutum’s range of skincare products for the face. I’ve developed a regimen that’s quick, easy, and effective. I start with the Cleansing Milk facial cleanser to remove all makeup and leave the skin soft and clean. I love the texture and smell of this product, upon contact with water it transforms into a milky texture that feels wonderful on the skin. Once my face is clean, the second step is the Triple Effect Peel which I use 1-2 times per week, depending on how ambitious or lazy I feel that week. The triple action peel essentially works like an exfoliator and helps to correct skin imperfections and reduce pore size, leaving skin looking brighter and smoother. On a day when I’m not using the Triple Effect Peel, I’ll use the Resurfacing Glow Toner which helps even my skin tone and preps it for makeup application. I actually used to never use toners because I didn’t know what they were for, but I’ve recently discovered how much of a difference toners can make in the appearance of your skin.

LayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare triple action peelLayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare Instytutum flawless facial padsLayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare instytutum facial pads

Now on a night when I’m not feeling up for the 3-step skincare process (aka I had too much to drink at an event and am ready to pass out the moment I get home), I do a quick makeup remover, and then I use the Instytutum Flawless Pads. Just like the body mist, the Flawless Pads are for my fellow lazy ladies out there who want all the benefits of flawless skin without having to do any of the work 😉 The flawless pads are individual, pre-soaked pads that refine and renew the skin and increase moisture. I love how easy they are to use, in fact I don’t even need to get my face wet! They are also great for skincare on-the-go. The other product I really like is the Alive Water, which is a hydrating face mist. I am a huge fan of face mists and I’ve tried a ton, and I have to say this mist is one of my favorites. It uses 5X filtered water and leaves my skin glowing and hydrated.

LayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare face mistLayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare Instytutum face mask

Finally, on weekends when I have more time, I treat myself with the Flawless Skin Mask. This sheet mask is unlike the typical ones. First of all, it’s split into two pieces to allow for better and easier placement on the face, and the material is translucent and contours the face to restore elasticity and immediately tighten the skin. My skin definitely looks more radiant and plump after usage, and dare I say flawless. If this post has intrigued you to try out Instytutum, you can use the code HOLIDAY30 to get 30% off your entire purchase!

LayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare face mask beauty blog LayersofChic Flawless Skin Swiss Skincare instytutum beauty blogger

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  1. Carly says:

    interesting, thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for new brands to try!

  2. Liz says:

    I definitely need to try this out! It sounds so amazing!


  3. Christina says:

    Oh need to try this! I’m a sucker for a good skin care routine.

  4. I haven’t heard of the brand Instytutum but with your description, it sure sounds like a wonderful brand!

  5. Jennifer L says:

    Oh wow never heard of Instytutum, but sounds really great. The winter is never that good with my skin so I’m def needing things to combat dryness. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Aliza says:

    This looks lovely! I would love to give this a try!

  7. I’ve never heard of this brand before. But my skin is so dry with the weather right now, I need try something!

  8. Joan Cajic says:

    Never heard of this brand but I would love to give it a try.

  9. These products look incredible!! I wanna try!

  10. Elise Ho says:

    This is a new brand to me but if your skin is any indication they must be pretty great.

  11. Angela Kim says:

    This sounds great. I have dry skin during winter so this is good to know. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Jenny says:

    Need to try this brand! I love implementing a good skin care routine.

  13. INSTYTUTUM says:

    Beautiful review, Mary! We’re so happy you are loving Instytutum products – for those wanting to try, please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions. We’re happy to help!

  14. Angie says:

    I so need to try that brand, thanks for the tips!

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