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Macau Travel Diary Part I: The Venetian Macau

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Every year, my family and I go to Macau, China to celebrate Chinese New Year. It has become a tradition, right down to the very hotel we stay at. We always stay at the Venetian Macau, so I have stayed at this hotel at least 4 times already! So I thought I would share my Macau travel diary from this year’s trip and my favorite things about my family’s beloved Venetian Macau.

The Venetian Macau: Venice-Inspired Exterior

LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau hotel exteriorLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau vacation dressLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau pink pillarsLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau hotel entrance pink florals

One of my favorite things about the Venetian Macau is the beautiful venice-inspired architecture and design. Everywhere you go in the hotel is a photo opportunity, especially the exterior. The front entrance is decorated with pretty pink blossoms and pink pillars, making this hotel basically the pink lover’s dream come true. I seriously felt like I was in Europe doing this shoot, the hotel really did a great job replicating Venice. There is even a lovely dock area by the water, which we snuck down for to get photos. The gate to the dock was closed, so we hopped over it and it was definitely worth it. Anything for a good photo, right?!

LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau vacation outfitLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau kate spade bag LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau europe inspired decor

For this outfit, I went nautical chic to fit with the dock and water setting, with a striped button-down dress from Rachel Roy. I matched it with the cutest bow gingham sandals, and for warmth layered a chunky knit cardigan from Chicwish. I love the ease of this outfit and how it can easily transition from warmer to cooler weather. I added a blue watch for an extra nautical touch, and paired a big fish necklace with the dress. I completed the look with my lilac Kate Spade shoulder bag that’s the perfect size for travel.

LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau fish necklace outfit detailsLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau riversideLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau fashion blogLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau chicwish sweaterLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau gingham bow sandals

The Venetian Macau: A Grand Interior & My Favorite Spots
LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau black jumpsuit rachel royLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau hotel review

Another one of my favorite things about the Venetian Macau is that there’s something for everyone. The hotel is connected to the Grande Canal Shoppes, which features over 100 retail, beauty, accessories, and electronic shops. I love browsing the smaller clothing boutiques that can only be found in Asia, I’ve actually scored some of my favorite pieces from these shops, such as these bow jeans. There are also so many different restaurants from Asian to Western, as well as a super affordable food court that will fulfill all your Asian street food dreams. Below is a list of my favorite shops & restaurants at the Venetian Macau:

My Favorite Shops:

Dazzle: Full of super cute and feminine clothing, Dazzle is perfect for the girl who’s looking for a little something extra in her outfit. I love the intricate embroidery on their clothes and the ultra feminine flair.

Orchirly: Another clothing store, this brand is kind of like the trendier, more casual version of Dazzle.

snidel: This store has the warmest and softest PJ sets! They also have a range of clothing and accessories.

My Favorite Restaurants:

North: Hands down my favorite restaurant at the Venetian Macau. On my trip this year, I ate here 4 times. This restaurant has all the traditional dishes from Northeast Asia that I grew up eating, like knife cut noodles in tomato and egg sauce and dumplings in spicy sauce. If I could eat here every week, I would be a happy girl!

Edo Japanese Restaurant: For a truly special meal (and a splurge), you will have the best Japanese meal of your life here. My Dad loves this restaurant and we eat here once almost every time we go. They have the tenderest beef and tastiest lobster, and for you sushi fans apparently their sashimi is really fresh as well.

Portofino: If you’re feeling the need for a more Western meal, the Portofino in the hotel has surprisingly authentic Italian food. Book a private room for access to the beautiful terrace, trust me it’s worth it to have a cocktail out there while overlooking a view of the pool at night.LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau blogger styleLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau best hotels

I chose a black jumpsuit with a cool print from Rachel Roy for an outfit that’s fitting of the grand hotel interior. For extra touches of glam, I paired it with my velvet Coach mule and a small clutch bag. For Chinese New Year, I added a touch of red with my tassel earrings.
LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau red earrings LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau interior photo spotsLayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau venetian ceiling

The final part of the Venetian Macau you have to check out, even if you’re not staying there and just to visit to complete your Macau travel, is the entrance area with a ceiling replica of the real Venetian. It’s quite grand and breathtaking. For this shot, I went with a pink sweater from Chicwish and sparkly statement earrings.

LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau evening style LayersofChic Macau Travel Venetian Macau interior

Shop the Looks:


What I’m Wearing:
Look 1 Dress: Rachel Roy
Look 1 Cardigan: Chicwish
Look 1 Sandals: Chinese Laundry
Look 2 Jumpsuit: Rachel Roy
Look 2 Earrings: Sequin-NYC
Look 2 Mules: Coach 
Look 2 Clutch: Rachel Zoe Box of Style
Look 3 Sweater: Chicwish
Look 3 Jeans: AG Jeans

Thanks for reading,

*This post is in collaboration with Rachel Roy and Chicwish. As always, all views and opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Liz says:

    What a gorgeous place! And you look amazing in both of these outfits! I especially love that jumpsuit!


  2. Marieve says:

    Your outfits are so on point! I love how you’re able to mix and match patterns! Very nicely done! + Macau looks beautiful ! Your photos are fantastic x

  3. You look adorable!! And the shoes with the pearls in the heel!! LOVE THEM!!!

  4. Joan Cajic says:

    Let’s just say I need a vacation at this point and I love your chunky sweater, the colour how it looks and just how cosy it looks. Loving the photos.

  5. So many pretty photos and outfits! Love your style 😀
    Happy Friday! 🙂
    Olivia Poncelet <3

  6. Kristen says:

    your photos are stunning!! I love every outfit you are wearing!

  7. this place looks amazing! Before reading this was in China, I thought it WAS Venice hahaha definitely adding this to my travel wish list 🙂

  8. Cecilia Boat says:

    The Hotel and your outfits are gorgeous! I love all the bright colors in this post. So lovely!

  9. Kasey says:

    I love the Venetian Macao and I am so glad you brought me back there along with stunning fashion! Bravo.


  10. Angelle says:

    Loving your outfits. I’ll be saving the recommendations.


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