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Casual Fall Outfit: Cuffed Jeans & Suede Ankle Boots

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I’ve been really into jeans lately and recently acquired two amazing pairs from Pinko. I picked out these distressed cuffed jeans as I thought they would be perfect for a casual Fall outfit, plus I was drawn to the floral embroidery that make them a little more feminine than your usual distressed jeans. For this outfit, I also wanted to emphasize my new Vince Camuto suede ankle boots, so I decided to pair the jeans with a blue silk top so that the caramel brown from the boots pop. I really love the way this outfit came together so effortlessly, this is the type of look I would wear daily during the Fall.

LayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Vince CamutoLayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Silk Top Cuffed JeansLayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Floral Socks Cuffed Jeans

I fell in love with this blue silk top the moment I saw it. It is from one of my recently discovered brands, Haute Rouge. I am obsessed with the ruffles on the collar and shoulder, and just how smooth and elegant it is. It really does go perfectly with the cuffed jeans, and I added a wide black belt for a more polished vibe. I paired my suede ankle boots with pink floral socks, which are super cute with the tapered effect of the boots and cuffed jeans. For my bag, I chose a mock crocodile print handbag from Brahmin for a sophisticated touch.LayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Fashion BlogLayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Ruffle Sleeve Silk BlouseLayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Vintage Orange Jacket

For cooler Fall days, I suggest adding a suede jacket to this outfit to go with the boots. I chose a vintage orange suede jacket with pouffy shoulders for a boho chic vibe. I love the color of this jacket because it’s so quintessentially Fall. I completed the look with a layered gold necklace from the Rachel Zoe Box of Style, as well as fun rings. LayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Distressed Cuffed JeansLayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Style Blog NYC BrooklynLayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Cuffed Jeans Shoe ShotLayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Denim StyleLayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Blue Silk Blouse Gold NecklaceLayersofChic Casual Fall Outfit Suede Ankle Boots Brooklyn Steps

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What I’m Wearing:
Top: Haute Rogue (similar here)
Jeans: PINKO (similar here)
Jacket: Vintage (similar here)
Boots: Vince Camuto
Bag: Brahmin
Belt: Rachel Zoe Box of Style
Necklace: Rachel Zoe Box of Style

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16 responses to “Casual Fall Outfit: Cuffed Jeans & Suede Ankle Boots”

  1. Val says:

    Great fall lookespecially love the handbag and the top ! Fab styling!

  2. Molly says:

    Cute look! I love your lipstick color!

    Molly and Stacie

  3. I love ankle boots, living in South Florida they are perfect, as we can not wear heavy boots due to the heat.

  4. Sheree says:

    Love this fall outfit, so cute and perfect for the cooler fall weather, but you still look so cute!

    ~xo Sheree

  5. Aliza says:

    I wear suede booties and cuff jeans so often, they are such a great fall staple! Also, Vince Camuto shoes are the best!!

  6. Izzy says:

    Such a cute outfit! Those boots are so perfect! They could go with anything.

  7. Mary Meier says:

    Really cute look! And I love the way your festive socks are peeking out from the top of your boots!

  8. Lisa Autumn says:

    Adore this silky blouse!

    x Lisa |

  9. Marielle says:

    I love the pairing of the boots and the pants!

  10. ivana says:

    Looking very lovely and stylish as always.Love that ring xoxo

  11. Linda says:

    You look amazing girl. Love your outfits! SOOOO CUTE!
    Thanks for sharing!
    much love, Linda

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  12. That outfit looks great on you! I really love the top and the boots. They are my favorite pieces.

  13. Kasey Ma says:

    Super cute! I love this look. Your top it adorable! 🙂

    Kasey Ma

  14. Amanda says:

    One of my favorite looks of yours! I love the jeans!

  15. Obsessed with these boots. You look amazing!

  16. Accessories on point! So obsessed with the fall colors in the bag and booties.

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