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Cute Snow Boots for Non-Snow Days & Pink Fur Coat

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I am a true New Yorker and cannot imagine living anywhere else in the world, but one thing I hate about NYC is the Winters. The cold is brutal during my 10-minute walk to and from the subway, and the aftermath of snowstorms means slushy and wet streets. In the past, I’ve always just worn rain boots when it snows, but they end up becoming too thin and make my feet cold! So this year, I’m preparing for Winter early with a cute pair of snow boots from Sperry that I got on Zappos. I’ve come to realize that cute snow boots are an essential to surviving a New York Winter, as they also work well for cold days when it’s not snowing. Layersofchic Cute Snow Boots Pink Fur Coat NYC Fashion BloggerLayersofchic Casual Fall Outfits Fashion Blog Embellished BagLayersofchic Cute Snow Boots for Non-Snow Days Style BlogLayersofchic Cute Snow Boots Sperry Pink Fur Coat Pleated skirt

I love the light pink color on these Sperry boots from Zappos that make them so chic and not like your typical snow boot. They also have a micro-fleece lining on the inside that keep my feet super warm, and a cushioned footbed that allow for long walks. I really like that they are cute enough to wear on a non-snow day and can complete a stylish outfit seamlessly. I paired the boots with fuzzy socks for a fun and cozy look.Layersofchic Cute Snow Boots Pink Pink Sperry ShoesLayersofchic Cute Snow Boots Pink Fur Coat OutfitLayersofchic Oversized Sweater Black Handbag Cozy Style

For my outfit, I wanted to pick up on the light pink in the boots, so I chose a pink fur coat to go with the cute and cozy vibe of this outfit. I paired the coat with an oversized sweater and light purple pleated skirt, and chose an embellished handbag to dress up the look. For my jewelry, I went with layered gold necklaces to match the gold embellishment on the handbag. This casual dressy outfit is perfect for early Winter and works from day to night!Layersofchic Cute Snow Boots Pink Fur Coat NYC Street StyleLayersofchic Cute Snow Boots Pink Sperry Pink Fur Coat

I love shopping on because they have so many options to choose from. Not only do they sell shoes, but you can also get clothing and accessories. It really is a one-stop shop, and shipping and returns are so easy!Layersofchic Cute Snow Boots Pink Fur Coat Pleated Miniskirt OutfitLayersofchic Cute Snow Boots Pink Fur Coat Fall LayeringLayersofchic Cute Snow Boots Oversized Sweater Fall Outfit Idea

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11 responses to “Cute Snow Boots for Non-Snow Days & Pink Fur Coat”

  1. Its so hard to find a cute non chunky looking pair of snow boots that you can wear on normal days! These are a definite buy!

  2. Ruthie Ridley says:

    Omg I love these boots! So much fun!!

  3. OMG I absolutely LOVE that fuzzy coat! The color is perfect and it looks so warm and cozy! xo, Brittany Nicole |

  4. Jenny says:

    These boots are so adorable and I love that coat!

  5. Cassie says:

    You look fantastic! I don’t know how you can stand the winters in NYC!!

  6. Kasey Ma says:

    Very cute! I love your bag and coat. <3 Looks so good on you!

    Kasey Ma

  7. Liz says:

    Those boots are perfect for winter! But I’m dying over the coat and bag! Must know where they are from <3


  8. I am not a fan of pink but those boots are cute and the whole outfit looks really nice put together like that. I love the skirt and that sweater too!

  9. Lisa Autumn says:

    OMG I just love the look of this coat! So cosy!

    x Lisa |

  10. Alexis says:

    How adorable are those boots! I have the traditional brown and navy boots but I think I need to add these to my collection. That coat looks like you’d definitely stay warm!

  11. Alexandra says:

    What a creative look! The combination of textures is fantastic — the soft, fuzzy coat; the delicate, pleated lilac skirt; the chunky, stylish cream sweater. And of course the Sperry boots, in amazing pink! The whole thing works beautifully, and is a real head-turner. Readers, the fab faux fur coat and sweater are from Cabi’s fall 2018 line. (Unfortunately, the coat is out of stock.)

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