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The Ultimate Self-Love Tip: It’s Not What You Think

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Layersofchic Ultimate Self Love Tip How to Keep Vagina Fresh and CleanLayersofchic Ultimate Self Love Tip Summers Eve Feminine Hygiene Cleansing Cloths

When its comes to self-love for women, there are a lot of tips around taking time for yourself and doing things like a spa day or reading a book. But today I’m sharing a self-love tip that gets down to the core of being a woman, and that’s loving your vagina. This is a self-love tip that unfortunately is not discussed as often due to all the societal taboos around vaginas, even in this day and age. We’ve all been made to feel ashamed of our vaginas at one point or another. When we are on our periods and not feeling our best, when we’ve just started dating a new partner and are self-conscious, or even when our significant other makes a comment about our vaginal hair and how we should be trimming it. So today I want to share how to love your vagina by giving it the royal treatment and keeping it fresh and clean, whether you’re on your period or just need a quick refresh.Layersofchic Ultimate Self Love Tip How to Keep Your Vagina FreshLayersofchic Ultimate Self Love Tip How to Reduce Period Odor Summers Eve

As a woman who loves my vagina, having my period is just another part of what makes my vagina….well, a vagina. I’ve never been one to let my period get me down or prevent me from going about my day. But let’s admit it ladies, our periods can make us feel icky sometimes. So I’ve been using Summer‘s Eve® FreshCycle™, a line of feminine hygiene products that help me feel fresh and clean during my period. My favorite product is the Summer‘s Eve® Individually Wrapped Cleansing Cloths. I carry these packets in my purse and they are so easy to use on-the-go and are Flush Friendly*. They are lightly scented, reduce odor, as well as pH-balanced for the ultimate vagina love.Layersofchic Ultimate Self Love Tip Summers Eve Feminine Hygiene ProductLayersofchic Ultimate Self Love Tip Fashion Blogger Central Park

I’ve also been using the Summer‘s Eve® FreshCycle™ No-Rinse Cleansing Foam in the morning and night when I need an extra boost of freshness. The cleansing foam is great as it doesn’t require any rinsing, so you can also bring it on the go or toss into your gym bag!  Layersofchic Ultimate Self Love Tip Feminine Hygiene Summers Eve

So next time you are looking to show yourself some love, considering pampering your vagina. Our vaginas are a wonderful and miraculous part of our bodies, and they deserve just as much care as our skin, hair, and nails. Ultimate self-love starts with feeling confident in our vaginas, and I hope this post has encouraged you to embark on your vagina love journey!

*refer to product label for flushing instructions

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  1. ivana says:

    I am in love with this look, dress is so lovely, perfect summer piece. And the nails are super nice too xoxo

  2. Angela Fry says:

    I love these. I use them often! Also…that dress is adorable!

  3. Beth says:

    You managed to address a touchy subject in a super-cute way. Well done!

  4. Madi Rowan says:

    Their packaging is so cute! Thanks for sharing! You look lovely as well!

    -madi xo |

  5. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for sharing this! You definitely don’t hear a lot about this topic. These sound like great products for self-love and self-care!

  6. Kasey Ma says:

    I love how your nails match your outfit! So cute!

  7. Lisa Autumn says:

    You always look so cute!

    x Lisa |

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