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When a Blogger BFF Becomes a BFF | Song of Style Yellow Two Piece Set

Layersofchic Song of Style Yellow Two Piece Set Blogger BffsLayersofchic Song of Style Maven Maxi Dress Blogger BFFs Outfits

In the blogger world, there is a term we use called the “blogger BFF”. What is the blogger BFF and how is this different from just a BFF? A blogger BFF is someone who is your best friend when it comes to blogging, meaning you might hang out with this person at blogger events, talk to this person the most when it comes to blogging-related topics, and even go on blogger trips together. But that’s where the relationship ends, when conversation and activities don’t extend beyond blogging. So there is a clear distinction between the blogger BFF and a BFF, and most times in blogging a blogger BFF relationship never leaves the blogging world. Layersofchic Song of Style Yellow Two Piece Set NYC Street StyleLayersofchic Song of Style Revolve Collection NYC Fashion Blog Bestie Outfits

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a blogger BFF who has now become a real BFF. I met Kasey of TheStyleWright about a year and a half ago at a typical blogger event, and I remember exchanging Instagram handles and thinking that she looked a bit unapproachable and was too edgy for me from her photos. But then I saw her again at a lunch where we happened to sit next to each other, and we just clicked immediately. I found her to be super funny and easy to talk to, and when she mentioned that she was invited to the opening of the Downton Abbey exhibit, I expressed how much of a fan I am and she promptly invited me to go with her. Now, I want to call out that bloggers invite each other to events all the time in passing, but most of the time we don’t actually follow-up and end up going together. So I was so surprised when she then DM’ed me and actually followed up on the invite. We didn’t know each other too well at that time, but I figured why not, plus I really LOVE Downton Abbey. That night was the beginning of our blogger BFF friendship. But I’m sure you’re wondering when did this turn into a real BFF friendship?Layersofchic Song of Style Yellow Two Piece Set Blogger BFFs NYC Fashion BlogLayersofchic Song of Style Revolve Dress How I Met my Blogger BFF

I would say that Kasey and I became more than just blogger BFFs when we went to LA together last year. How do you know when a friendship has transcended the blogging realm? When you talk about non-blogging things, FaceTime each every other day, and start acting like sisters. In fact, we often get told that we look and act like sisters! It is rare to find a friend in blogging who becomes a real friend, especially as you get older. The older I get, the more I’ve found it harder and harder to make close friends. So I feel so lucky to have met Kasey and glad that we have become more than just blogger BFFs!Layersofchic Song of Style Revolve Yellow Two Piece Set Purple SetLayersofchic Song of Style Blue Ruffle Maxi Dress Blogger BFF Outfits

Now moving onto our outfits: we are both wearing pieces from the Song of Style x Revolve collection. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what I’m talking about, Aimee Song aka the OG style blogger launched her own line at Revolve, and everything is to die for. Here Kasey and I are both wearing the Maven Maxi dress, which as you can see is flattering on both of us. I love all the ruffled details, high slit, and adjustable cut-out. Layersofchic Song of Style Revolve Maven Maxi Dress NYC Soho Street StyleLayersofchic Song of Style Yellow Two Piece Set Vintage Purple Bag Street StyleLayersofchic Song of Style Yellow Two Piece Set NYC Fashion Blogger

But my favorite piece from the collection is definitely the Song of Style Yellow Two Piece Set. This yellow two piece set is seriously the matching set of my dreams. From the buttons, to the chic short sleeve top and skirt, to the mellow yellow color, I am just obsessed with this set. It is also so flattering, and looks good worn separately as well with other items. Layersofchic Song of Style Yellow Two Piece Set Rainbow Strap Heels Katy Perry CollectionsLayersofchic Song of Style Yellow Two Piece Set Vintage Purple Bag

Shop the Looks:

Matching Blue Dresses: Song of Style 
Yellow Two Piece Set: Song of Style Top & Skirt
Purple Set Kasey is Wearing: Song of Style Blazer, Top & Shorts

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