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The Bag that Keeps on Giving: Love The Give

LayersofChic Love the Give Bag 2LayersofChic Love the Give

As a fashion blogger, I receive a lot of products and packages on a daily basis, and I admittedly can get caught up in this endless cycle of receiving. So, when I was approached to work with the GIVE Bag to give to someone in need, I found the idea refreshing and a nice change from my usual fashion campaigns. The GIVE Bag is meant to be filled with items for someone in your life who needs a pick-me-up, inspiration, or support. What makes the GIVE Bag truly unique is that the recipient is then meant to refill the bag to give to someone else in need, creating a bag that keeps on giving. It’s like the sisterhood of traveling pants in the form of a bag!LayersofChic Love the Give Red JumpsuitLayersofChic Love the Give 2LayersofChic Love the Give Give BagLayersofChic Love the Give NYC Fashion Blog

I decided to fill my GIVE Bag with beauty and skincare goodies for my best friend who’s a mom of two toddlers and deserves some pampering and self-care. I also included an inspirational card and notebook to further spread the joy and make my friend smile. She is constantly thinking of everyone else before herself, so I felt there was no other person more deserving of a pick-me-up.LayersofChic Love the Give NYC Style BlogLayersofChic Love the Give Gold Charm Necklace

The really cool thing about the GIVE Bag is that you can request a bag completely free on and join the #LoveTheGive movement! The bag also comes with a QR code that you can scan to share your location and see a heat map of where the GIVE Bags have traveled. So, if you’re looking to do something nice for someone in need, go ahead and request a GIVE Bag, and encourage the recipient to also continue spreading the love!LayersofChic Love the Give Bag

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*This post is in collaboration with the GIVE Bag. As always, all views and opinions expressed are my own.


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