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How to Dress Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Inspired Outfit Blouse and Skirt
Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists of all time, and her style is always on point and super consistently feminine. She’s done a great job in not just defining her musical image, but also her style in terms of sticking to a uniform of cute top + high-waisted short skirt + high heels + vintage purse. My girl Taylor’s been getting some heat lately around the phone call with he-who-must-not-be-named, so I thought I would do a post to show my support towards Taylor and my undying and stronger than ever fandom. You’re in for a treat today as I’ll be showing not one, but two outfits inspired by her style. That just shows how much I adore her!
Look 1:
Taylor Swift Outfit High Waisted Skirt and Vintage Purse
Keeping with Taylor’s core outfit pieces, look 1 consists of a knotted blouse, printed flared skirt, heeled mules, and of course a vintage handbag. The key to achieving Taylor’s look is to hit on all the key elements in terms of the general style of the piece, for example be sure to get a high-waisted skirt as opposed to a low-waisted skirt. From there you can be creative and inject your own elements of style, such as how I chose to pair socks with my mules. Taylor also loves a crop top as you can see from the first image, so that’s another great option to play with.
Vintage Blouse and Print Flared Skirt
Seychelles Mint Green Mules and Sheer Socks
Taylor Swift Inspired Outfit
Vintage blouse (from Awoke Vintage), Skirt from Asia, Seychelles mules, COS socks (similar here), Vintage purse, Curated Basics bracelet (here)






















Look 2:
How to Dress like Taylor Skirt T-shirt and Skirt
In look 2, Taylor again sticks to her core elements, but this time she picks a more t-shirt style top, a solid print skirt, and close-toed heels. My interpretation of her look is a little different as I picked a floral print skirt and solid top instead, however I stuck to the same style of pieces. I also chose a vintage purse similar to hers in terms of the ladylike style, and finished the look with close-toed heels.
Taylor Swift Inspired T-shirt and Floral Skirt
Taylor Swift Outfit High-Waisted Skirt and Vintage Purse
Madewell t-shirt, Skirt from Asia, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Vintage purse & bracelets
A few other style elements that Taylor likes is a classic red lipstick, stud earrings, and a hairclip. Generally, she sticks to feminine accessories and is inspired by ladylike vintage items. For my Taylor fan readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! For my non-Taylor fans, perhaps I’ve at least convinced you that Taylor has great style 🙂
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*Taylor Swift photos from Marie Claire


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  1. You’ve really gotten her style down! & it suits you so well. Awesome looks.


  2. Erika Lane says:

    Wow, you are looking pretty beautiful, nice combine!

  3. Alice Cerea says:

    Oh wow, so cool!

    Alice Cerea

  4. Love this interpretation of Taylor Swift's style, you nailed it for sure! Love her/your mix of preppy and edgy! Xx

  5. Mary Gui says:

    thank you, I do feel like Taylor Swift and I could be besties 🙂

  6. Mary Gui says:

    thank you Erika! it's all inspired by Taylor Swift!

  7. Mary Gui says:

    thank you Alice!

  8. Mary Gui says:

    thank you so much!

  9. ANDYSTYLE says:

    Very nice and cute style 🙂 You should definitely try the red lip!

  10. Mary Gui says:

    yes, agreed!

  11. loving your take on taylor swift's style!

    Pudding Monster

  12. Taylor's got great style and you've really gotten it down to the details! You look great, I love the vintagey feel of the outfits. Beautiful!
    Hope you're having a great day.
    Much love,

  13. Love how you copied her style!

  14. She also LOVES cute knitted hats! I've saved a ton of images of her on Pinterest showing off all kinds of knitted hats. So I'd love to see a Fall/Winter interpretation as well!

  15. Taylor Swift has such good style. She's been a style icon of mine, too. I love her vintage-y touches, too. You nailed both looks!

  16. You completely nailed her style! I’m obsessed with those light blue mules in the first look, and I love the low-key, natural feel in your pictures. I always feel so posey when I do outfit posts haha

    Kelly x

  17. nananne says:

    Great internet site! It looks very professional! Keep up the good job!

  18. CTNBEE says:

    You look great. Your designs are very inspiring. I will wait for your next post!
    CTNBEE |

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