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Summer Fashion Tips: What to Wear When It’s Hot

LayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips What to Wear in the Heat LayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips Swimsuit as Top

The NYC heat during the Summer can be unbearable, especially as a blogger shooting multiple outfits in the middle of the day. I get so sweaty, my hair gets gross, and my makeup just starts to slide right off no matter how much loose setting powder I use. So for those super hot Summer days, I stick to a few summer fashion tips to help me get through the day in one piece.

LayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips Hat Attack Straw HatLayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips Outfit Idea Palm Print

Summer Fashion Tips for Staying Cool:

  • Shield your face with a Straw Hat: The heat usually starts with my face melting, so I find that it’s crucial to have a straw hat (the bigger the better) to block the sun. I really like this “Best Day Ever” hat from Hat Attack as it has a bit more design than your typical straw hat. The hat has just the right amount of floppiness and coverage, and would be so perfect on vacation or to lie out in the park.
  • Wear a Swimsuit as a Top: One of my tried and true ways to combat the heat is to wear a bathing suit as a top. Maybe it’s a mental thing, but I instantly feel better when I put on a bathing suit on a hot day. Choose a cute one-piece suit with a chic print or silhouette, such as this palm print suit that manages to show off both my boobs and my back. I felt super airy and breezy wearing this bathing suit, and it definitely helped manage the stickiness that comes with hot summer days.
  • Keep Cool with Loose Linen Pants: Linen is a super breathable and light fabric, making it a good choice to wear during the Summer. I chose a pair of striped cropped pants from Lysse that have a relaxed vibe and trendy paper bag waist. These also go really well with the swimsuit top since they are a looser fit, thus balancing out the tightness of the top.

LayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips Best Day Ever Straw HatLayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips Low Back Swimsuit NYC Style BlogLayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips Trendy Style BlogLayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips Staying Cool and Looking Chic

Since the pants are a cropped length which can sometimes make me look short, I chose wooden platform sandals to add height and go with the boho vibe of the palm print swimsuit. I completed the outfit with a green floral handbag that has a wooden handle, matching the wooden platform sandals. Finally, I went with a charm bracelet, leaf shaped earrings, and colorful rings for an earthy, boho chic look.

LayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips Striped Pants OutfitLayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips for Hot WeatherLayersofChic Summer Fashion Tips Straw Hat Striped Pants

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What I’m Wearing:
Swimsuit: TiNiBikini Swimwear (similar here)
Pants: Lysse
Shoes: Kelsi Dagger BK (similar here)
Bag: ModCloth (similar here)
Hat: Hat Attack
Rings: May Came Home Jewelry
Bracelet: SEQUIN
Earrings: SEQUIN

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10 responses to “Summer Fashion Tips: What to Wear When It’s Hot”

  1. Liz says:

    What a cute outfit! I love those pants! And it’s like 115 here everyday – taking photos is awful lol!


  2. Marielle says:

    I love that top and those pants! It’s definitely difficult to keep yourself cool in the summer, but it’s better if you pick the right outfit

  3. Lily says:

    I’m constantly trying to find the right hat. My head gets too sweaty with a hat on and it gets not cute almost immediately. I love the idea of wearing a swimsuit as a top, I’m gonna try that this weekend!

  4. Kasey Ma says:

    Swimsuit as a top is too good!

  5. Kasey Ma says:

    Girl you KILLED this look! You look amazing!


  6. Olivia says:

    I need a hat! I’m currently in Milan and it’s 36 degrees celsius all week.. definitely need these tips!

  7. nat says:

    I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago and wow it was humid!
    great tips, I should’ve worn a straw hat while i was there

  8. Amanda says:

    You are killing it girl! I love those pants and wedges!

  9. Lisa Autumn says:

    We currently have a heatwave in Germany and all I am wearing is linen.

    x Lisa |

  10. Roma says:

    That hat looks absolutely fabulous and very fashionable. I love its simplicity yet the elegance it exudes is brilliant! I would love to have that in my collection 🙂

    Roma – Designer at Red Fascinator Hats Shop

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