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Pink Cardigan & Star Skirt: NYFW 2019 Day 1 Outfit

Layersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Outfit Style Blog Spring StudiosLayersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Tulle Star Skirt Street StyleLayersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Street Style Fashion Bloggers

This NYFW was much quieter for me than past seasons for a couple of reasons: I returned from China the day before February NYFW 2019 started, this is now my 5th season and I’ve repeatedly seen the same designers every year, and to be honest NYFW has lost some of its appeal for me. Part of this is just due to the whole “scene” of NYFW, from waiting in line to be seated, to shows starting late, to rushing in between venues. I am not saying I’m not grateful to be invited to NYFW, because I am so 100% grateful and it’s still a dream come to me to be able to go. But I guess I’ve lost the desire to show that I’m at NYFW and be seen. So I’ve been more selective with the shows I went to this season, choosing only ones that align with my style and which I’m interested in seeing. I loved this more chill season, it gave me a chance to actually enjoy the shows I did attend, as well as genuinely catch up with some blogger friends. Layersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Velvet Headband Jennifer Behr DupeLayersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Street Style OutfitLayersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Tulle Star Skirt White Boots

For my NYFW 2019 Day 1 outfit, I had to go with my favorite new fuzzy pink cardigan that I picked up this year in China. I fell in love with this cardigan the moment I saw it – have you ever seen anything like it?! From the fuzzy pink material to the gorgeous silver detailing, this pink cardigan is the epitome of cozy glam. To style my new favorite piece, I paired it with a tulle star skirt that I also found in China. Since this cardigan has a glam vibe to it, I layered a sequin blazer underneath for an element of contrast. This outfit is all about playing with layering and textures. Layersofchic Pink Cardigan Star Skirt Sequin Blazer NYFW 2019Layersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Street Style Fashion BloggersLayersofchic Fuzzy Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Burgundy Velvet HeadbandLayersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Star Skirt Fashion Blogger Street Style

For my accessories, I kept with the boho glam vibe and chose a thick burgundy velvet headband. This headband is a dupe of the Jennifer Behr one but at a fraction of the price. I actually bought and returned the Jennifer Behr headband because it ended up being too big for my head. So I was ecstatic to find this dupe on Etsy that also fit my head better. Since there are so many elements to this outfit already, I chose clean colors for my shoes and handbag, going with white booties and a sharp green bag. Layersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Green Handbag Jeff WanLayersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Sequin BlazerLayersofchic Pink Cardigan NYFW 2019 Green Bag Fashion Blogger Style

You can also view my NYFW VLOG below or on my Youtube channel!

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Pink Cardigan: Marie Elie Paris
Blazer: QUIZ Clothing
Blouse: Vintage from Daisy Del Sol
Skirt: From China
Boots: Taryn Rose (on sale!)
Bag: Jeff Wan
Headband: Etsy

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7 responses to “Pink Cardigan & Star Skirt: NYFW 2019 Day 1 Outfit”

  1. Liz says:

    This outfit is just pure magic! I love that cardi and your skirt! Also, I kind of felt that same way about NYFW this time so I get it 😉


  2. kathleen says:

    absolutely love your overall look. so pretty

  3. Lorena says:

    What an adorable outfit. I wish I could pull something like this off!

  4. I just love how you played around with colors here! And your white boots! I always wanted to buy one of those!

  5. Stine Mari says:

    Love that fuzzy pink cardigan, so pretty and perfect for NYFW!

  6. LOVE that skirt!!! It’s definitely out of my comfort zone, but I’m working on changing that. I want to have more fun with my wardrobe.

  7. That cardigan and skirt are perfection. They kind of remind me of 80s Madonna, which I love. I’m also a sucker for anyting with toule or stars.

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